2015 Travel Summary and Highlights


2015 for us was not a prolific travel year. We travelled to Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, but nowhere in Europe as a family. Half of our sailing trip was spent waiting out for the storm to pass. Nonetheless, all of our trips were memorable in their own way, we explored places we haven’t been before, and learned to revisit places from a different point-of-view.

Where we’ve been last year:

1. Krabi, Thailand

Koh Phak Bia

Our first trip of 2015 happened in May, after a long travel-less winter, and it was worth the wait. Krabi was such a gem of a place. I had never seen prettier landscape and it would be hard to beat by any future destination.


The whole place, especially the landscape, our boat trip, our gorgeous villa overlooking the karsts. It was truly magical.

Read more about our Krabi experience.

2. Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is not as pretty as Krabi, but it impressed us with its vibrant island life feel. It’s laid back, friendly, and we got to mingle more with local life. It’s hard to summarised Koh Samui into a single sentence, because it had a lot to offer for its size.


Great and very affordable food at the night markets, our villa by the beach, the whole island atmosphere.

3. Summer sailing trip in the Netherlands

Makkum, Friesland

Even though it started on a stormy beginning, this year’s sailing trip became our most relaxed one so far, which everyone enjoyed. We had a new dinghy that got us to places our sailing boat couldn’t reach, and the hottest day of the year happened during our stay in Friesland. We also loved our slowly and leisurely sail back home via Enkhuizen and Edam.


Our new dinghy, Friesland and the Frisian lakes cruise, spending the hottest day of summer on the water. The Kid was thrilled to be at her first disco night.

4. The Kid went to her first ever Summer Camp

There’s a special feeling when you see your child getting so excited to be away from you and being proud of them for being so confident and independent at the same time. Right after we came back from our sailing trip, we drove The Kid almost to the German border to be at her first Summer camp, where she learned how to ride a horse (she got to choose the horse), how to take care of them, and had all kinds of outdoor adventures for a whole week.

She came home with a big scab on her elbow, and smelled a bit like a horse, but other than that she was happy and ready for her next summer camp next year.

5. I went to my second Oktoberfest in Münich

Not really as a family, but I went with a friend and joined my Münchenerin cousin who was an expert in the art of getting a table at the beer halls, even on the busiest times, without reservation. Even as an introvert, I couldn’t helped getting pulled into the festive atmosphere. It was great fun dressing up in dirndls, dancing on the table, having calorific but oh-so-satisfying Bavarian food, and of course, while drinking copious amount of beer. It was one of the best fun I had last year.

I don’t usually like highly touristic events like this, and yes, it is packed and noisy. But it still feels quite authentic because the locals actually go to the tents themselves (and if you end up in a tent only full of tourists, then you’re not in a good one).

6. Singapore

Singapore 2015 08

We went to Singapore at the end of October as a stopover to Indonesia. Instead of a downtown hotel like before, we got ourselves an apartment in a more residential area, and explore the city from there.


We finally got to see Gardens by The Bay and its cool Supertree Grove, but the real superstar was, of course, Singaporean food.

7. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta 15

We went to Yogyakarta before, and this time we came for a wedding, so we originally just wanted to chill around since we’ve seen most of the must-sees in town. It turned out, we managed to find an archaeological site devoid of crowds, a great waterfall to swim in, had fun exploring the city on foot or becak (Indonesian rickshaw), had plenty of time to relax by the pool, and still made it to the wedding in full traditional outfits.

Stories on our Yogyakarta trip coming soon.


Where we are going in 2016

After 2 separate trips to the Far East last year, 2016 is going to be our European Island Year. We have Madeira, Gozo in Malta and Sardinia lined up in our travel planning, all before summer. Each trip will be shorter and less jet-lag prone (though unfortunately, not cheaper after everything adds up) so we are hoping to be able to go on more trips and discover more of Europe. Here’s hoping for another great travel year!


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