The Many Faces of Gozitan Churches, Malta

Citadella Cathedral

We’re just back from our trip to Gozo, Malta. Gozo is the smaller of the inhabited island in Malta. But while it is small, and the towns are even smaller (Victoria, the biggest town on the island has fewer than 7000 inhabitants), the first thing that caught my attention was that no matter how small the town, they each have an impressive church standing the middle of the town square. Most of them built in Baroque style. It is a fun excursion to visit as many of Gozo’s main towns as possible, take pictures of the churches, and later to try to figure out which church belong to which town.

We didn’t go to all of the towns, but here are some of Gozitan splendid churches:

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10 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Gozitan Churches, Malta

    1. Wow, I wish I could go on a 3 months trip. 🙂 I always love Malta, but now I have been to the smaller island of Gozo, I love it more than the main island, because it’s more laid back and not as congested, and also cheaper in general. I think it’s more suited for a trip with a baby. You probably need a car to go around, even though the island has excellent public transport system.

      One thing I noted in Malta, even though they have ancient towns and street, they are working very hard to get everything wheelchair accessible, so that might be a plus for baby strollers too.

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      1. Yeah! We are pretty excited, but also nervous, because it’s our first longer, international trip with baby. It’s gonna be very different from what we’re used to, but looking forward nonetheless. Thanks for the info – I will check into Gozo. How were the beaches?


      2. Sorry, just got back from Berlin and catching up with the blog again.

        Like any rocky island, natural sandy beaches are rare in Malta. In Gozo, there is one in Ramla Bay, but otherwise the beaches are rocky. There is one interesting beach called the Inland Sea (I will write about this soon).


      3. I prefer rocky beaches myself; more dramatic in appearance and less messy. 🙂 The water is beautiful Mediterranean aquamarine and clean, but there may be some sea urchins in some areas.


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