Deliciously doing nothing is a loose translation of a Dutch phrase ‘Lekker niks doen’. It means exactly what it is; to enjoy the moment when you (seemingly) do nothing. I found it the perfect way of describing what I love to do the most when I’m travelling; be there, observe, absorb, hear the sounds, smell the air, touch the ground, taste the water. Get the sensory essence and soul of the place.

We are a family of introverts with a united passion for travelling. We live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and have been travelling with our daughter ever since she was 7 months old all over the world (she is now 9 years old). Being introverts, we are always rather overwhelmed when surrounded by a crowd, so when we travel, we always look for ways to be out of the beaten path, blending in with the locals, or be completely out of nowhere by ourselves, while still maintaining a level of comfort. It doesn’t mean we do nothing but lounging on the beach the whole trip. Hubby and Kid are the sporty types, who love physical activity and being busy, while I’m the geeky type who prefers quirky museums or getting my exercise in the form of extreme sport which require less stamina, but provides a lot of adrenaline rush. But I believe one very important element of travelling is to wind down, chill out, reflect, get connected with yourself and your family. Every trip should contain some days when everybody can deliciously do nothing in the way of their choosing.

This blog is partly an effort to fill in my time at home when I’m antsy to be in faraway places, and partly to inspire that there is another spectrum of family travel where everybody can actually relax, and still get rewarding experience of the trip. I will write in no particular chronological order, since I want to capture our memorable trips from the past together with what we’re still going to do in the present and future.

I’m not a photographer (I always prefer to see things firsthand without the distraction of a camera). 99% of the photos in this blog are taken by my husband who loves to share what he sees with other people. He has kindly agreed to be the eye of the blog and let me use them.


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  1. I can totally relate to this. I am very introverted, and definitely need time to check out during traveling. Hubby on the other hand, is pretty extroverted. It actually works well for us, because he can handle all the people interactions I find overwhelming, and I handle all the planning/research things that he doesn’t have the patience for. 🙂


    1. Both hubby and I are introverts, but he is the more active type. It usually works out perfectly; when I need my chill days, he would go and do something athletic that I wouldn’t enjoy doing anyway. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for thinking about my blog and nominating it for the award, it made me feel awesome! 🙂 I spent several days thinking about whether or not to accept it, but in the end, I decided to keep my blog award free for the time being. I suppose it is also a discomfort on my part to ask random questions to total strangers (I’m an introvert, after all). But thanks again, and keep the good work with your blog!


      1. I completely understand, I went through much the same thought process myself, to tell you the truth.
        I just wanted to take the opportunity to share your lovely blog and let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels!


  2. Thanks for the visit to my blog, Cherri. It gave me a chance to discover yours. I have thought about getting a boat later in life and sailing around Indonesia. Love the pictures on here! ❤ warm greetings from Germany


  3. Pleased to have stumbled across the blog! Absolutely love the concept of deliciously doing nothing, so we just got to follow 🙂
    When travelling, we are always sure to have days built in for that – where we are not running around sight seeing but instead chilling out at a cafe to people watch or even just sleep in and be LAZY!


  4. Hello Cherrie, I really like your blog and I’d love to nominate you for a Liebster Award. I read a comment you made to another blogger about two years ago about your not wanting to accept an award but I thought I’d let you know that if you’ve changed your mind I’d love to nominate you myself. Otherwise, of course, I won’t mention your blog in my post – whatever you prefer. Hope you have a great day.
    Clare from Suitcases and Sandcastles


    1. Hi Clare. Congrats on your own nomination, and thank you so much for thinking of my blog. I’ve been thinking whether I have changed my mind, but I guess I would like to keep it award free, at least for now. Thank you again for considering me!


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