Croatian Mini Island Hop: Starting in Split

The Kid’s school gave everybody a week of out-of-season school holiday in the middle of June, which made me very happy because it’s not often we could travel outside the official school holidays, which meant cheaper bookings!

I’m so glad we picked Croatia for this trip. Mid-June was also the perfect time to hit this growingly popular gem of a country, just before the summer gets blisteringly hot and places packed and expensive.

We didn’t travel slow this time. We wanted to see so much from Croatia, we scheduled in Split – Hvar – Korčula – Dubrovnik in 9 days. We have always thinking of chartering a boat to sail the islands, and this trip was the ideal teaser to see if we really want to do this from the water side next time.

The downside of hopping through places is, of course, we didn’t get to learn a lot about them. I felt it’s such a shame with Split, where we stayed only 2 nights in, that we didn’t have the time to go to any of the museums and go further than the old town area and Riva. We did enjoy walking the labyrinthine alleyways, finding old ruins among houses and newer buildings within the old city wall, and going up the bell tower was a highlight. We were also lucky to get a taste of an explosive Croatian wedding outside the Cathedral of St. Domnius.

Split was a beautiful town, flanked by the sea and mountains on the other side, with great food and people. But what we’re really excited about was to go to the islands.

Next stop: Hvar


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