Top 5 things we love to do around Christmas

1. Enjoying hearty German food

German Food

We almost always spend our Christmas in Germany, together with hubby’s side of the family. We always use the opportunity to be in the country to sample all kinds of German food, from candied almonds at the Christmas market, curry wurst from the street stalls, to traditional dishes at the brewery houses. The highlight would be, of course, the Christmas lunch of roasted goose from the family’s recipe. German food and Christmas is a match made in heaven.

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2. Going to a Christmas Show

Nutcracker Berlin Opera

With stomach full of yummy Christmas dish, there’s nothing better to do than either taking  a nap, or going to a Christmas show. We’re big fans of the ballet, and although we’ve seen The Nutcracker several times, each productions always offer something different. Last year we went to Der Knussknacker by the Staatsballet Berlin where they replicated the original costumes and set from the very first production in 1892. It made for a magical sight, and the best I’ve seen so far.

3. Ice skating

Winter wonderland

On a flat land with a lot of water, it’s not a surprise that ice skating is the traditional winter sport of The Netherlands. The Kid loves to skate, so much that she has started taking up speed skating. This year hasn’t been a good year for skating, it’s even too warm for some artificial rinks, but on a few winters where temperatures really dropped in double digit minus, the canals and smaller lakes would freeze, and all of the sudden everybody would be on their skates and start gliding.

4. Visiting a Christmas Market

Go up the Ferris wheel if it's the one thing you do

I don’t usually like markets, but German Christmas Market is a special one, with its super-festive atmosphere, and the smell of food and drinks. The Kid of course loves all the rides and the skating rink. When we’re in Germany, we always make sure to visit at least one.

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5. Doing a Southern Hemisphere Christmas

South African Christmas

These fresh oyster was our Christmas lunch in South Africa a few years back.

Some times we decided to have a warm Christmas instead, and headed to the Southern Hemisphere. We spent several Christmas in Indonesia, and one in South Africa. There’s always something special about spending Christmas in shorts, and having BBQ and sea food instead of the usual Christmas meal. After the festive meal, we went to the beach for a swim instead of a Christmas show. Hubby and I love these tropical Christmasses we had. The only complain came from The Kid, who said it didn’t feel like actual Christmas without the rest of the family.


Whatever you do this holiday, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.


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