Yellow birds of Curaçao

When I learned that the Weekly Photo Challenge theme for this week were Yellow, I immediately knew I needed to rummage around our pictures of Curaçao. Curaçao was full with colourful images, from buildings, fish, and fruits, but my favourite yellows came from these beautiful creatures we found living around our bungalow. Along with the iguanas, they seemed to thrive living around the beach where we stayed at.

The beauties in the pictures above are called the troupials. They are deep yellow to orange and black in colours and while they didn’t like to come too close to us, they would come to the feeder, and let us watch them, while making sure we kept a safe distance.

These little birdies are smaller than the troupials, but they were friendlier and didn’t fear human that much. They are called bananaquits, or suikerdiefje in Dutch (literally means ‘little sugar thief’). They do love sweet things, and would come in small flocks, and timidly (but determined) came to us whenever we brought fruit with our outdoor meals. We always loved to share a bit of fruit, or to leave them with some mango peels or watermelon rinds, and let them eat alongside us.

Read more about our adventure in Curaçao.


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