Croatian Mini Island Hop: Hvar and Pakleni Islands

Our island-hop officially started when we took the fast ferry to Hvar. Hvar Town lies on the southwestern side of the long island, and is racking up reputation as party island of the beautiful, rich and famous. Indeed, by the time the ferry moored on the island, we could see humongous and luxurious yachts, the likes we never see in Dutch harbours, lying on the main harbour and anchoring around town.

Hvar Town

It was drizzling when we arrived, but there were more buzz here than Split, even though the town itself is smaller in size.

After a lunch on the main square, we went to our apartment up the hill. Our host kindly picked us up with a car and drove up the hill, which we really appreciated, since the alternative was going up hundreds up stairs up with our luggages. Our apartment had the gorgeous view of Pakleni Islands; a small archipelago of softly rounded islands, protecting Hvar from the open sea.

Old Hvar town has a topology of an ampitheatre, with the castle on the hill, and the town wrapping up the bay below it. We love walking around the coast, going from one end of the bay to the other, and going around the small alleys and stairways. But when we walked up to the castle and the whole vista opened up, with Pakleni Islands on the background, we really felt we had the best seat on the island to watch the town, the busy harbour, and the magnificent sunset that we were just in time to witness.

Pakleni Islands

It doesn’t take us long to decide that we wanted to get a boat to see the island from the water side. With so many protected anchorage and beautiful beaches, sailing around Pakleni islands, would have been a dream, but for this short trip we had to settle ourselves with a motorboat. The motorboat turned out to be a lot of fun, not only because it’s fast and it allowed us to explore further, but we all have fun driving it around, and it was comfortable enough for us to sunbathe, and enjoy the sun and the scenery, and it’s easy enough to moor when we wanted to swim.

We made a stop at Jerolim, a(n optional) naturist beach, went around Stipanska, with its wonderful round edges, and went all the way to the tip of Sveti Klement, the biggest of the islands. The sea was of course always rougher on the open sea side, but it was still gentle and warm enough for us to throttle through without being too bumpy. We made a lunch stop at the spot we found the prettiest; Mlini Beach. Situated in a picturesque bay close to another smaller island, the water on the beach was amazingly aquamarine, and the view to the neighbouring islands was truly breathtaking. It is probably the prettiest beach I have ever been to in my life.

Next stop: Korčula  (coming soon)


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