Summer Sail 2015: Enkhuizen and Edam

Rounding up the series on our summer sail trip (which should’ve been done before the actual summer was over) was our journey home from Friesland, back to North Holland just in time before the wind turned north.

Makkum – Enkhuizen

We left Makkum on Tuesday. We felt it was still too early to go south, but the wind condition was perfect for a southerly course, and we knew it will soon turn the other way around. So we went south anyway, aiming to go to Hindeloopen, but when the town approached, sailing condition was too perfect to stop, so we went further. This is how we kept passing each town and before we knew it, we’re already close to Enkhuizen and halfway home. The whole 23 Nm (43 km) trip was done breezily in about 5 hours, which was quite a record for our small and heavy boat.

We’ve been in Enkhuizen many times before, as it is a halfway point. The next no-sail day was spent with hubby going around the town in the dinghy, while The Kid and I went to the Zuiderzee Museum, a museum dedicated to the ‘lost’ villages along the shores of the former Zuiderzee, which became IJsselmeer when the dyke was built, cutting it off from the sea. We spent a whole day in the open air museum, going to each houses and shops, each of which was transported whole from somewhere else in the Netherlands and plopped into the artificial village (the village might be artificial, but the buildings are all authentic). The Kid also got the chance to dress up in the traditional Volendam outfit while strolling the villages. We didn’t have pictures from that day, though, because we didn’t bring along the photographer, but I’ve written another post on the museum with lots of pictures before.


After 1 no-sail day in Enkhuizen, we’re heading to Edam, another favourite harbour for us. The day was warm and sunny, but as we passed the lock into Markermeer, the wind died completely. It was so still, we threw our anchor out, got into our bathing suits and had a swim in the water.

Right after we packed up our anchor and resumed sailing, the wind picked up quite suddenly, and within an hour, we got 5 Bft wind, with rising swells and pelting rain. Apparently we just passed the eye of the storm at the right time for the swim. We arrived in Edam rather wet, but the rain had stopped by the time we moored ourselves in the Zeevang Marina.

We spent the last day of our sailing trip by mooring our boat close to Edam town and getting the dinghy out to explore Edam’s little canals, which was a great way to explore the small and picturesque town.

This year’s sailing trip felt very short, with the 3-day wait in Hoorn, and the rush back home earlier than usual. By Saturday, we’re back at our home in Amsterdam, doing all the laundry to make sure The Kid would be ready to go to her first ever summer camp the following day. It was a relaxed trip, with plenty of no-sail days, and a lot less miles being covered than previous years. Nevertheless, we’re glad that we’ve managed to do something different from other years, mainly thanks to our new dinghy, which makes for interesting new angle to the towns we visited. The dinghy definitely comes again with us next year!


4 thoughts on “Summer Sail 2015: Enkhuizen and Edam

  1. I just came across your blog when looking for sailing information in the Netherlands and have enjoyed reading of your annual sailing adventures. It’s good to have a dinghy, the water world opens up even more. :^)
    We just bought a sailboat there this month, it’s on the hard at Waterland/Monnickendam Marina and we look forward to exploring some of the areas you mention, this next spring. Thank you for sharing your story, and looking forward to more.


    1. Hi Basta, thanks for stopping by and sharing some kind words. Welcome to Waterland! Let me know if you need any info on the area/marinas. What kind of boat did you buy? Congrats on the new family member 😉


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