The Vibrant Island of Koh Samui

It’s been almost 9 months ago when we came back from Koh Samui, but yet I haven’t really written a lot about our experience on the island even though we love the island and had great time being there. For some reasons it’s hard for me to write a post about Koh Samui. It’s not a big island; you can drive a round trip under 2 hours in good traffic condition. For the size, there are so much going on, and you can easily do 3-4 different things in a day, or nothing at all. The island is almost impossible to summarise.

Until I learned that this week’s Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme was ‘vibrant’. All of the sudden I found the apt adjective to summarise Koh Samui. I remember the first time we set eyes on our tropical garden house, almost hidden underneath flowering bushes of all colours. We spent considerable amount of time languidly by the pool of this garden, under the bright Thai sun that made every colour stood out bolder than they already were.

We were also luck to witness the Tod Phaa Bpah ceremony taking place literally next door to our villa, with its explosion of colours of the money trees and the monks saffron robes.

We also love the vibrant atmosphere of the night markets, with its various offerings, friendly vendors, interesting mix of patrons, light shows by human firework, and how it is busy and laid-back at the same time.

While it’s natural beauty is not as dazzling as the Krabi area that we visited earlier, Koh Samui has charming beaches, with the small cove of Crystal Bay being our favourite.

The landscape of Koh Samui was also dotted with numerous temples and shrines, of all shapes and sizes. (We spent one afternoon driving around trying to find as many of them within a day, and we could only manage to cover half the island.) These sites adds even more colour to its lush surrounding, some perched high up in a mountain.


We loved being in Koh Samui. We could imagine staying there longer. It’s definitely vibrant, but also calming (we didn’t venture into the party hubs of Samui), with very nice people and great food everywhere you look. When we got into the unfortunate business of getting in a car accident and missed our flight out to Bangkok, we ended up feeling quite happy that we got to stay another night on the island.

The island is hard to summarise, I just need to show you some of the scenes and colours of Koh Samui in these pictures:


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