A Travel Tip: Sarong is your best travel accessory

I don’t only pack my sarong to the beach. I take (at least) one with me in all of my travels regardless of destination. This is because for a humble rectangular piece of cloth, a sarong has a versatility that no other piece of travel equipment can compete with; light, easy to fold to fit into a small space, and cheap enough that even if you ruin or lose it, it won’t break your heart. I have been using my sarong for its obvious use as beach towel and beach wraps, but also as a scarf or extra blanket when it gets chilly, and as a towel or wipe in an emergency. I have used one as window blinds, bed sheets, pillow cases, picnic rugs. It comes in handy when we visited temples and needing extra cover ups. My mum taught me how to use one as a baby sling when The Kid was a baby, but she was too wiggly for baby wearing that I never put it into actual practice.

We are now in the middle of our summer sailing and I could always find new ways to utilise my sarongs in the boat. Our almost pre-teen Kid who suddenly developed an interest in having privacy loves it that I created a separate area for her bunk in our small boat by using a sarong as a room divider. When the temperature rose and the sun got too overwhelming, I used a sarong with several laundry clips to create a shaded area on our cockpit. The possibilities are truly endless.


5 thoughts on “A Travel Tip: Sarong is your best travel accessory

    1. You do need something to keep it in place, though. I find either laundry clips or poster gum (the bubblegummy sticky thing you can buy at the stationery shop) can work, depending on the space. I guess duct tape works too, but I never carry a roll with me on trips.


  1. I totally agree. I see people using them and I think ‘god thats clever!’ I am not really a sarong person but I know exactly what you mean. I like pashminas, I always carry one of them, you cant so much as wear it as a dress but it also is handy on a plane, in a movie, on a windy street, to accessorise and it feels like a good cuddle. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 xx


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