Easter at the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen


Last Easter Hubby and The Kid went to have a daddy-daughter weekend sail together without me. They went to Enkhuizen, a town 65km north of Amsterdam. After spending the morning egg hunting on the marina’s ground, they decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the Zuiderzee Museum. Zuiderzee Museum is an open-air museum, built as a traditional fishing village that once dotted the area before Zuiderzee became IJselmeer. Last Easter Sunday, not only that the museum hosted an Easter treasure hunt for children, they also held their ‘Klederdracht Festival‘ or Traditional Costume Festival. In addition to be able to walk around the idyllic village setting, and get lost in the buildings and their period interior, the museum was filled with people dressed in the traditional costumes of the surrounding villages.

Looking at the pictures, I have to say I’m a bit jealous that I couldn’t come along (we had a brand new cat that can’t be left alone yet). But if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, and looking for something fun and educational for the family and to avoid the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam tourist centers, I would highly recommend the museum. Enkhuizen is an hour train ride away from Amsterdam, and the museum is about 20 minutes walk from the station. Alternatively, there are public bikes to rent from the train station itself that you can take to the museum, or you can take the museum ferry boat leaving from just behind the station.


9 thoughts on “Easter at the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen

  1. Tulips are my favourite! Beautiful pics. The tulips I bought from that New York-like city are still waiting to be planted. We went to Amsterdam, traveling through with our four to west Africa last fall, and ohhhh, I knew we missed something. Everyone asked us if we were going to this park.


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