Texture: The wrinkles of Göreme valley

Topography of Cappadocia

These pictures were taken during our hot air balloon trip above the Göreme valley in Central Anatolia, Turkey. Just as I love to watch the waves going by on the sea for its soothingly repetitive patterns, I was mesmerised watching these landscapes, trying to imagine the forces of nature forming these cracks, scars, wrinkles and weird protrusions which only happened in a relatively small spots in this vast steppe in the heartland of Turkey while at the same time wondering what this region would look like in thousands or millions of years in the future. It was a disappointing moment to realise that I won’t be around to see those changes, but I was grateful to have witnessed it as it was that morning.

This post is a contribution to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for “Texture”.

Read more about our hot air balloon adventure in Cappadocia.

9 thoughts on “Texture: The wrinkles of Göreme valley

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was such an amazing experience and if you ever had the chance to do it, you should. As long as you’ve got an experienced pilot, it doesn’t feel scary at all.


    1. Thanks for dropping a line, Ubecute. Actually, we didn’t have fancy camera, my husband uses his Canon Powershot for these. The lighting was fabulous that morning, though, the air was so clear and the sun had just risen from behind the mountains.


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