We made it home just in time to say good bye to our pet rabbit


Yesterday we arrived back home from our sailing trip. One day earlier than planned due to bad weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday. We were happy to be back home again, but unfortunately this time, we came home to see our pet rabbit lying on his side, looking ill and exhausted, with food and water seemingly untouched. Half an hour after we arrived, he cried (the only sound we’ve ever heard out of him) and shortly died. It was heartbreaking, especially because he seemed to have held on to wait for us. We were all there in front of his box, seeing him dying, crying together. It was especially hard for The Kid, since she knew the rabbit all her life, and it was the first time she had to face a real death.

Lukie was an old rabbit, being 11 years old, he was older than The Kid. We’ve had him ever since he was a baby, adopted from the animal shelter who rescued him, injured, from a park. He had always been a shy rabbit who got easily frightened, who was docile, but preferred to be left on his own. We let him roam freely in the house, but he mostly stayed in his box, especially as he got older.

We miss you already, Lukie.


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