Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside the cockpit

Inside the boat

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme from The Daily Post is ‘Inside’. It’s quite a tricky theme for me since most of our pictures were taken outside.

Then I found this picture. It was taken inside the cockpit of our boat, behind the spray hood. We were sailing back home last summer on a clear, but very windy day. The boat was heeling on a 40-degree angle and the waves were sending sprays all over the boat. To make things even bumpier, since we needed to sail the boat against the wind, we had to tack (change the direction of the sail) frequently, which tumbled the inside of the boat pretty badly. The Kid spent the whole journey tucked in her bed under a blanket, not only to avoid being sea-sick, but also so she didn’t get thrown around.

I took this picture from behind the spray hood, perching halfway on the cockpit and halfway inside the hatch trying to balance myself and steady the camera at the same time.


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside the cockpit

      1. Not being a great sailor myself I think I would be spending most of my time in the bunk or toilet where the picture opportunities are limited. Ian.


      2. I always find it easier to be outside in rough weather sailing rather then being tumbled around inside. As long as you have your life jacket and lifeline on, you’ll be fine.


  1. After 14 years of sea kayaking and one summer of crewing racers we are looking at our first boat. I do not yet have the skills to sail alone in the conditions you’ve captured here. How exciting though.


  2. I have never sailed alone myself, and definitely won’t in this condition. Fortunately, my husband is a much more competent sailor than me and we always sail as a team. Knowing our boat and her capabilities helps as well, the weather may look dramatic, but we knew we could trust our boat to handle it. Good luck with finding the perfect first boat!


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