The contentment of being back home

There should be a word to describe the warm, contented feeling of being back home after being somewhere else for some time. We’re just back from our trip to the island of La Palma of the Canary Islands yesterday (story to be posted after I sorted out the photos). Along with the unpacking, the pile of dirty laundry to do, and the mails (both paper and electronic) to sort through, we’re all happy to be home again, into familiar territory where everybody has their favourite spots, our own beds to sleep on, and home food to be had.

We love the places we travel to, but as introverts, we need a home to come back to, to retreat back from the world for a while and reflect on our time away from home. We’re very lucky to live in the lovely city of Amsterdam, and whenever we’re back from a trip, we get to see the city with a renewed perspective, and we get to fall in love again with what we have back home. Travelling supplies us with the sense of excitement and wonder, but being back home makes us appreciate and be thankful for the many forms of small happiness one can only find in their own home.

It’s good to be back.


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