What The Kid thinks about travelling

I talked to the Kid about our next trip (happening in 24 days). She was quite excited about it already, so I asked her, what’s the best things about being away from home. She gave me her top reasons:

  • She likes going to new places
  • She gets to be with mummy and daddy the whole time
  • She loves flying, especially because on a flight she could stay up as long as she can (obviously, I don’t see the point of enforcing bed time on a flight).
  • She finds airports interesting
  • If we go to a warm place, she loves being in the water
  • She loves it when she can make friends

Things that she’s not sure about:

  • Sometimes she likes sleeping in a new place, sometimes she doesn’t
  • Sometimes she likes new food, but she likes home food better

What she doesn’t like about being on a trip:

  • She misses the rest of her stuffed animals (it’s always a tough negotiations on how many she can bring with her)
  • In some places she doesn’t understand what people are saying
  • There are always a lot of strangers
  • She misses school (I didn’t make it up, she really loves her school and her friends)

I find it really sweet that one of the top reasons she loves travelling is that because she knows she gets to spend pretty much 24 hours a day with us, and she is still young enough to consider it a wonderful thing. This is why we’re trying to travel to as many places as possible together while she’s still at this enthusiastic age. I realise that there will come a day when she will decide not to come anymore on our trips, but hopefully she’ll have caught the habit by then and continue to go on her own travels.


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